SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA — November 1, 2021 — WealthSource Partners today announces the addition of Paul Guerra and Bruce DiPietro, CFA, to their network as independent advisors. Serving mass affluent individuals and families in Canton, Ohio, and the surrounding areas, Guerra and DiPietro provide their clients with holistic wealth management services, specializing in retirement planning, portfolio construction, and risk management.

With more than 53 years of combined industry experience, Guerra and DiPietro teamed up in 2018. Guerra launched their former firm, Brookshire Financial Group, nearly 20 years ago after graduating from West Point as a Green Beret. Prior to joining the Canton-based practice, DiPietro spent nearly seven years at Citi Group, where he gained valuable expertise in portfolio strategy and investment management. The duo transitioned to WealthSource because of the firm’s focus on practice management and marketing support that enables growth-oriented advisors to better scale their practices.

“When making the decision to find a new home for our practice, we were not only seeking a firm that was a fit culturally, but to also join a platform that would serve the best interest of our clients,” said Guerra. “WealthSource offers us the tools, technology, and in-house team to sustain meaningful client relationships while empowering us to build on what makes us unique: our bespoke approach to financial planning and investment management solutions.”

“The WealthSource mission to do what’s best for their clients, combined with the comprehensive services the network provides, made this an easy decision,” added DiPietro. “Joining WealthSource gives us the resources we’ve never had. As Canton natives, we’re energized at the opportunity to become the premier wealth management team in the Canton area, and to make a lasting impact on our community and beyond.”

Joining the WealthSource network will enable Guerra and DiPietro to delegate mid to back-office tasks and make the space to focus on serving their clients and providing more value-add services. With a deep background in equity research and portfolio management, the pair is eager to leverage the WealthSource platform offerings to create a marketing approach that hones in on the unique elements of their practice.

“We are committed to providing our partners and advisor network with the appropriate resources to reclaim their focus, grow their practices, and provide better outcomes for the end client,” said Jon Dubravac, Chief Business Development Officer, WealthSource. “We are thrilled to introduce Paul and Bruce to our ecosystem, to streamline day-to-day operations for their team, and to provide a strong infrastructure for growing their business.”

WealthSource presents entrepreneurial advisors with an end-to-end practice management platform that includes sophisticated investment strategies, in-house practice management and marketing resources, and comprehensive compliance support. Visit to learn more.


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