SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA — March 17, 2021WealthSource Holdings announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire SurePath Wealth Management and will merge SurePath into WealthSource Partners, its registered investment advisory firm. Following the acquisition, WealthSource Partners is anticipated to surpass $1.5 billion in assets under management with 33 financial advisors supporting over 1,500 families across the US.

WealthSource’s Advisor Advocate approach provides entrepreneurial advisors with a support team of six marketers and three practice management and advisor coaches, which will enable them to achieve scale faster – and on their terms. By collaborating with advisors to develop and implement customized strategies to reach their goals, WealthSource helps advisors solve perennial business challenges, including:

– Developing a detailed, tactical roadmap to achieve accelerated business growth

– Identifying and empowering core talent to step into leadership roles

– Creating effective marketing strategies to reach the right audiences

– Planning for the next generation of their firm and setting their exit strategy

– Handling mid and back-office tasks to enable advisors to spend more time serving clients and engaging with prospects

“Aggregators, roll-ups, and consolidators are ‘old-think;’ they’ve all sold, gone public or are plodding along losing the same advisors they once attracted,” said Patrick Brewer, CFA, who has been named President and Chief Marketing Officer at WealthSource. “The WealthSource team represents ‘new-think’ as we magnify and amplify what advisors do best: Connect with clients and prospects in a way that’s unique to them. We power advisor growth by providing hands-on assistance to run live webinars and seminars, start and grow podcasts, develop custom content strategies including video production and social media distribution, and implement targeted local SEO strategies.”

The Advisor Platform Management Office (AdvisorPMO) is WealthSource’s robust practice management and marketing platform that simplifies advisors’ day-to-day and allows advisors to offload non-client-facing activities. Guided by the WealthSource support team, advisors can streamline investment management, implement technology, navigate compliance, create a succession plan, and handle operations-related responsibilities more efficiently. Advisors can also attend dedicated office hours with subject matter experts in every area of practice growth.

“We’re seeking out mission-driven, growth-oriented and tech-savvy advisors who want a fresh start to expand their practice — as well as those who are planning their exit,” said Bryan Sullivan, CEO at WealthSource. “Our partnership structure allows entrepreneurial advisors to take advantage of multiple expansion opportunities. By joining WealthSource, advisors are empowered with our collective resources, while our end-to-end practice management system boosts their organic growth.”

The acquisition of SurePath Wealth Management is just the first of many strategic partnership deal announcements expected by WealthSource, as WealthSource is engaged in discussions with and plans to add several more advisory teams in 2021.


About WealthSource Partners

WealthSource Partners is a full-service, national independent registered investment advisory firm. The firm’s partnered independence platform serves entrepreneurial advisors who are eager to grow, and to do so on their own terms. Supported by an experienced practice management, marketing and operations team, WealthSource Partners empowers advisors to focus on their niche and the unique elements of their practice. Through the Advisor Platform Management Office (AdvisorPMO), WealthSource’s robust practice management and marketing platform, advisors can simplify their day-to-day and offload non-client-facing activities to spend more time serving clients and engaging prospects. For more information on what WealthSource is building, please visit or contact us at

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