Investment management is the heart of what you do as a financial advisor. It is a constant challenge, a process that never stops changing. It has the power to define the financial futures of your clients as well as the future of your practice. There is nothing like knowing you have secured a good financial future for a client, empowering that client to send children to college or retire comfortably.

In order to get great results for your clients, you have to keep things clear and simple, an almost-impossible goal for most financial advisors hampered by their own industry. However, we have good news for you: clarity and simplicity are both possible. You just need the right support, and we are here to provide wealth management software to you.

Simple Wealth Management Support

  • Investment strategies – Having a game plan is key to success as a financial advisor. It not only gives you peace of mind, it gives you a direction to share with your clients. WealthSource Partners provides instant, turnkey strategies that are both quantitative and fundamental. You can follow them closely or use them as jumping-off points for your own strategies. Either way, they will make your practice stronger.
  • Recommendations for special assets – If you run into assets that are unique and need special strategies, we can accommodate that as well. Again, our recommendations can be starting points for your own strategies or full solutions that take your clients’ investments to the next level. It’s up to you!
  • Quarterly communications – Dependable transparency with your clients gives your good reputation what it needs to grow. You need to produce quarterly reports that are not only complete but also easy for clients to understand and digest. Our system instantly produces client-ready quarterly reports so you and your team do not have to get bogged down every quarter.
  • Weekly information – Some clients like to be in on every decision you make for their investments. Others just want to know when a major change is coming. Either way, it is your job to be proactive about communication. Our weekly market information reports are a fantastic way to reassure clients that you are thinking about them and you care about the success of their investments. With our system, it’s practically effortless to create and send these small but essential weekly communications.
  • Rebalancing automation – As an advisor, you have to ensure that your clients’ portfolios remain aligned with their original purposes. Over time, they can stray, and rebalancing is what brings them back. Our system automates rebalancing, relieving you of the painstaking process and enabling you to spend more time communicating about it with your client and making sure everything is going well.
  • Trading support – Staying mobile in the market is essential, and our turnkey ad hoc trading support system allows you to do just that. It provides cash raises and cash infusions with a minimum of inconvenience and wait time.

Take the First Step Today

Anticipating what the market is going to do might not be possible, but working with WealthSource can help you have your ducks in a row and the support you need. Turn to WealthSource Partners for investment management today!