WealthSource started with a simple premise:

To give clients access to unbiased financial advice.

It all began in 2009. In the midst of a major financial crisis, Bryan Sullivan walked away from his career at UBS to start Vellum Financial in San Luis Obispo, CA. That same year, Eric Patton and Jon Dubravac founded Avant-Garde Advisors in Centennial, CO.

Although the founders were separated by a thousand miles, they shared the same desire to put clients first. Their firms approached that goal from different angles. Vellum focused on building a team of “best-in-class” subject matter experts. Avant-Garde assembled a state-of-the-art technology stack to deliver exceptional client service — and to provide back office support to other advisors with a similar client-first philosophy.

As both firms grew, the founders stayed in touch to share their wins and challenges. Over time, they realized that they were better together. The new combined firm, WealthSource, was built on a solid foundation of Vellum’s investment and financial planning expertise, Avant-Garde’s state-of-the-art technology, and a joint commitment to do the best for every single client.


Over 85% Employee/Advisor Owned


34 Advisors


1.92B Assets Under Management


5 Years Serving Clients as WealthSource


2099 Client Families

*figures provided as of 12/31/21

Our Core Values

Clients First

We were founded on the principle that people deserve financial advice that benefits them, not their financial advisor. Every aspect of our business is built around guiding you toward the financial security you long for.


We recognize that the world changes every day. We are committed to growing our team, our methods, our technology, and our understanding, to help you live a life of wealth — no matter what life throws at you.

Hard Work

The best things in life are worth fighting for, and that includes our clients’ prosperity. We work tirelessly to uncover and equip you with the best solutions you need to reach your goals.


Your finances are your business (they just happen to be our business, too). We strive to include you in every step of our process to ensure you know and understand the choices you make.

WealthSource is guided by an experienced and passionate team that believes there’s a better way to deliver financial advice. These professionals share an unyielding commitment to offer more, learn more, and help our firm and our clients face the future with confidence.

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Peter B. Wolk is a former tax and estate planning attorney who started his career in financial services in 1977.  As a graduate of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics, Peter likes to help business owners set and attain goals that help them merge their business and personal lives.  Moreover, his estate planning background gives him the ability to explain complex estate planning topics to his clients in a way that they can easily understand so that they can plan for post-retirement family affairs.

Peter has also found a passion in helping widowed and divorced women.  There is a unique aspect to living on your own after having a relationship; when you add money into the equation, there is a stability that is sought for.  It's unknown territory for most; trust and confidence are critical to moving forward.  In almost all cases, retirement is a key issue, along with safety of principal.  Peter believes that there really is a science, game-plan if you will, to money that can be simple and effective and that his job is to create comfort and provide easily understood choices.

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