Do you work for a firm included in the Broker Protocol? If so, the steps you take right now will have a huge impact on your success as a financial advisor.

Loss of Protection

Since 2004, the Broker Protocol has protected brokers by allowing them to take client information with them when they leave a firm. However, this fall, firms as big as Morgan Stanley have abandoned“The Protocol,” which means that Morgan Stanley and other firms abandoning The Protocol can attack any brokers that try to leave their teams. These brokers no longer enjoy the ability to make moves that are good for their careers without fear of being sued. The result is thousands of financial advisors wondering if their firms are going to leave The Protocol and what their industry is going to look like when the dust settles.

This seismic change in the financial advising landscape has profound implications for anyone working in a firm. Without the protection of The Protocol, your firm can attack you with breakaway lawsuits and cease-and-desist orders if you decide to go independent or join another firm. You can end up completely cut off from clients whose investments you have nurtured for years. Worse than that, the clients you care about so much can end up in limbo, a major problem The Protocol was designed to solve.

You Cannot Afford to Hesitate

Now is the time to get away from unpredictable firms that can crush your career path with one decision. If you are even remotely interested in making a start on your own, you need to make your move now. WealthSource Partners offers advisor solutions designed to help financial advisors do their best work. We can take care of your back office work and more, giving you the transitional support you need to create a truly safe place for your clients.

Don’t wait for your firm to leave The Protocol and trap you. Step out and let us help today!

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